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Welcome to Wacky House Design!

We specialise in building bespoke traditional Japanese themed Tea Houses, Gazebos, Arbours and imaginative Wacky Play Houses, your kids will love our cartoon style whimsical themed Playhouses, complete with wonky windows, crooked door and painted in bright cartoon colours, we can also add wacky porches and chimneys. We will take any idea and turn it into a whimsical play house. We have been told that our kid’s playhouses look as though they have come straight out of a Dr Seuss or Disney cartoon book. We also offer a range of wacky pet houses and even wacky or traditional themed Garden Sheds.

Boring is not our style - that is what makes us stand out.

Tea Houses

Have you ever wondered where you can buy something unique, something no-one else has? Then look no further than Wacky House Design.
If you are after a wacky play house or wacky garden building for your children, school, garden centre, hotel, pub, club etc, then look no further, we can give you a quotation online. Simply contact us today and we will email you back within 24 hours.

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